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Weight loss

Feeling wretched about your weight, appearance and eating habits?

Research suggests that even when dieters are successful in losing the pounds, the vast majority go on to regain even more weight. For many trying to obtain or even maintain a healthy body weight results in a constant obsession with food, feelings of deprivation and unsustainable exercise routines leading up to a sense of failure.

Your subconscious is extremely clever. You don’t need to tell yourself consciously to breathe, grow new cells or pump blood around your body – your subconscious just gets on with running these essential tasks for you. So why is it not helping you to maintain a healthy weight? Throughout your life you will have unwittingly, allowed others to influence your food choices, even though you knew best. You may have been told to: ‘eat it all up’ when you weren’t hungry; given a biscuit to ‘make it better’; been seduced by television advertisements ‘eat x it will make you happy’; advised to eat this or that processed food for a healthy body; and so on. This is negative hypnosis in action. We begin to act upon these suggestions that we should eat every scrap of food on our plate even if we are full, that eating sweet sugary foods will make us feel better, that heavily processed foods full of artificial flavours and preservatives can be beneficial to us.

We start out in life with natural and healthy eating habits and systematically, negatively hypnotise ourselves through external influences, reprogramming our subconscious minds with poor eating habits. With the exception of family pets and livestock farmed for the food chain (all of whom we make food choices for) obesity is confined to the human race.

My 5 session weight loss package will:

  • Get you motivated and focused on your weight loss goal.
  • Change your relationship with food for good.
  • Find better ways to manage emotions so that you can stop comfort eating.
  • Help you to feel fuller quicker so you are satisfied by less food.
  • Identify and remove food addictions.
  • Teach you techniques to banish cravings.
  • Motivate you to move more.
  • Show you that you can feel good about yourself, regardless of where you are on your weight loss journey.

Set yourself free from overeating…recalibrate your mind and body to work in harmony and reclaim your naturally, healthy, slim body.