Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Hypnosis, psychological therapies, tools and techniques, to change your thinking and behaviours around food and drink, in a way that supports a healthy slim body.

Handling Food Cravings


Craving certain foods?  Learn fast, easy and effective ways to manage cravings for those foods which sabotage your best intentions.

Making the Right Choices


Is it a battle to make the right choice when faced with temptation?   Become motivated to make healthier lifestyle choices around food, drink and exercise

Examining Your Beliefs


We’ll examine the beliefs you have around food and your weight, that are no longer serving you, and reprogram your mind for success.

Emotional Eating


Do you eat because you’re stressed, bored, or lonely?  I’ll help you find healthier and more satisfying ways to manage your emotions, so that you don’t need to overeat.

Love Yourself


Loving yourself should not be conditional on how you look.  You deserve to feel good wherever you are on your weight loss journey and I will help you achieve that.

Nutrition & Exercise


Do you need support with nutrition and exercise? I’ve teamed up with Forever Living to provide you with nutrition and exercise plans to kick start and support your journey. 

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