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Why Stop Smoking?

No doubt you have already tried and failed to quit smoking several times.  Perhaps you may be skeptical that hypnotherapy can help you to be free of this habit. I was 60-a-day smoker until 2001, I understand exactly how it is to feel completely and hopelessly controlled by cigarettes. Again and again I tried to stop smoking and failed miserably each time. Having almost given up hope of ever being free of my smoking habit, I finally decided to see a hypnotherapist.  I was delighted and astounded with the results. In fact, so amazed that I trained as a hypnotherapist so that I could help others overcome their smoking habit.

Make stopping smoking one of the easiest decisions you have ever made, with my bespoke stop smoking program. Once you learn at a deeper level that smoking has absolutely no benefits you will find it easy to make that choice to stop smoking and remain a non-smoker. With my expertise, you can be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to stop smoking.

Stop smoking for your health

You owe it to your body to stop smoking.  As a smoker, you’re playing Russian roulette with your health. Every cigarette you smoke has a detrimental effect on your body and increases your chance of contracting major health problems.  It is estimated that in the UK around 100,000 people will die of smoking related diseases per year.  Furthermore, of all smokers will eventually die from a smoking related disease.  Health issues associated with smoking include cancer, heart disease, emphysema and circulation problems. Smoking ages you prematurely, increases your stress levels, and makes you smell.  There are so many good reasons to stop smoking.

Often people have concerns that they will put on weight if they stop smoking.  The truth is that there is no need to replace a cigarette with anything other than a deep breath. When I remove that habit, you will not feel any sense of loss.  In fact, you will feel you have more, which you will – more time. Time that you can spend on more constructive, healthy and enjoyable activities of your choice.

Once you make that decision to quit smoking you’ll feel the health benefits really quickly. In just 24 hours your carbon monoxide levels will have returned to normal.  By 48 hours all nicotine will have left your body.  Within 72 hours your lungs will begin to function better so you will benefit from increased energy as more oxygen is pumped around your body.

Stop smoking for your family

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of still birth, premature delivery and other pregnancy complications. Babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy tend to have a lower birth rate, decreased lung function.  There is also an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.). Despite this only 1 in 4 smokers manage to give up for the duration of the pregnancy.

Babies and children exposed to second-hand smoke carry an increased risk of S.I.D.S., respiratory conditions, asthma, meningitis, coughs and colds. It is estimated that around 10% of smoking related deaths can be attributed to passive smoking.  Kids with parents who smoke are three times more likely to smoke than children of non-smokers. In Britain 200,000 11-15 year olds begin smoking each year with girls twice as likely as boys.  On average a smoker will knock around ten years off their life.  Stub this habit out now and be there for your family.

Stop smoking for your wealth

Cigarettes have a luxury price tag, but there is nothing luxurious about standing out in the rain to have a fag is there?  Why would you not want to quit smoking?  Enough said.

You are not addicted to nicotine.

You are not dependent on nicotine and you don’t need nicotine replacement products to give up. In 1994, Chief Exec’s, of the worlds tobacco companies swore to US Congress that they did not believe nicotine is addictive.  Ironically some of them are now making e-cigarettes as a slightly safer way to feed that ‘nicotine monster’. This is an industry worth £30 billion pounds which gets away with killing its customers.  They put a huge amount of effort into making you believe that you need to smoke.

Two out of three of smokers want to stop smoking, they don’t enjoy it anymore, so you are not alone. I understand this, I was once a 60-a-day smoker unable to function for even a few hours without my fix. A belief that was being reinforced by tobacco and nicotine replacement industries. In Jan 2001, out of complete desperation I visited a hypnotherapist to help me to quit my 18-year habit. From that day forward my subconscious was on my side.  I walked out of the room with NO DESIRE to smoke ever again, and NO CRAVINGS.

It's easy to quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Starting to smoke was very difficult, it took willpower and determination.  Can you recall the first few cigarettes you had, and how ill they made you feel? Your body never wanted or needed nicotine, and it doesn’t like being poisoned. Even maintaining that smoking habit is a hassle, isn’t it? You have to keep money by to pay for them, make sure you have stopped by the shop to pick some up and plan for times when you can have a cigarette break.

Stopping smoking on the other hand can be made very easy by using the power of your subconscious mind. No doubt you will have tried and failed to give up smoking in the past because you haven’t the willpower. Well there is a good reason for that.  Willpower is a function of the conscious mind which only holds, roughly, seven bits of information at a time. It has no memory, so you need to constantly refocus on the idea that you don’t want to smoke for willpower to work. However, this just reminds you that you smoke and so you crave a cigarette – and you smoke.

End that misery of being a slave to smoking. I work with the incredible resource of your subconscious mind to help you to literally switch off that desire to smoke.  I reprogram your subconscious mind to wipe out that belief that you need cigarettes. Once your subconscious mind believes the truth about cigarettes it will be very proactive in helping you to stop.

My expertise in smoking cessation


I am accredited with the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST) and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) so you can be assured of my hypnotherapy qualifications and my expertise in the field of smoking cessation. Based in Coventry and conveniently situated for those seeking specialist stop smoking hypnotherapy in Coventry, Rugby, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Warwickshire, Birmingham, and West Midlands

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