Did you start the year with a New Year’s Resolution?  Maybe a resolution to become slimmer, or fitter?  Or to stop a bad habit like smoking?  Or perhaps a resolution to spend more time with family and friends?  Or even write a book?  And if you did make a resolution, how are you getting on?  Are you still working on that resolution?  Or have you given up on it?  If you’re still working on it then give yourself a pat on the back.  Well done you!  If you’ve given up on yours, then you’re not alone.  Statistics suggest that over 40% of people will have given up on their resolution by the end of the first month. If you’ve already given up on your resolution, or you’re finding that your focus is beginning to dwindle, then today is the perfect day to refresh your commitment to achieving that resolution.  It’s not that the resolution is beyond you, or too hard to achieve, it’s just that your strategy needs fine tuning.

What do you want and why?

Think for a moment about what you want to achieve.  Why do you want to achieve this?  How are you going to feel if you achieve this goal?  Are you doing it for yourself or because it’s what others expect of you?  What will life be like when you’ve achieved this goal?

Is it worth the effort?

We all want immediate results, but achieving this goal is likely to take prolonged and consistent to put the hours in at the gym, and sacrifice junk foods.  If you want to learn to play an instrument you have to spend hours upon hours practicing.   If you want something badly, you’ll willingly pay the price.  If you’re doing it to please somebody else, or it’s just not that important to you, then you’ll probably not sustain the effort. effort on your part.  There is a price to pay for success.  If you want a ripped beach body, you’ll have

Keep the end in mind

There was a time when you couldn’t walk, you wanted to get over there, but you were stuck here.  You kept your focus on getting over there and began trying to push yourself up.  Slowly, consistent effort paid off and you could pull yourself up onto your feet.  You would take a few steps, then you’d fall down, then you’d re-focus on where you’re going, and pull yourself back up again.

Align to the you of the future

Today is the day to re-focus on where you want to be.  Take some time to think about the you of the future that’s achieved that change.  Follow the exercise in this video so that you can ‘try on’ the future you that’s achieved the change you want.