Spider Phobia

I don’t just do hypnotherapy…I live hypnotherapy.

These pictures of me below were taken following my own hypnotic experience with my good friend and mentor John Dewar, to overcome my arachnophobia. I have to confess, just as when I left my smoking hypnotherapy session in Jan 2001 (with the now retired, I believe, hypnotherapist Michael Jackson who ‘opened my eyes’), I was a little sceptical that it had really helped me. So I decided to watch a bit of internet footage of spiders and felt my flesh crawl as I watched those 8-legged beasties crawling across my screen. SUDDENLY I had this OVERWHELMING desire to visit a local shop that sells all sorts of creepy crawly things and definitely not a place I would ever have visited in the past…

Would you believe it there was a sign on the door saying back in 10 minutes!

…And I waited

…and waited

…the longest twenty minutes of my life!

…because I remembered a story my husband Andy used to tell me about a job he had as a green keeper at a sports ground. He could not understand why I had such an irrational phobia.

He didn’t get why it was really necessary to move every piece of furniture in the house at 11pm to hunt down a spider that I’d seen, before we could go to bed.

He didn’t get why I made him remove spiders and take them a minimum of 500 yards from the house (he refused to kill them!)

He didn’t get why I then made him wash his hands before he came anywhere near me

…so Andy told me a story about when he worked as a green keeper

…where every day the same huge spider would be waiting for him on a block of concrete, in a compound where the sand for the bunkers and the grass roller was kept.

…He called the spider ‘Eric’

…and every day he would scoop Eric up in his right hand and place him on his left shoulder

…and Eric the spider was very happy there. He would run across his back from left shoulder to right , and right shoulder to left, again and again. Always across the back of the neck and never around the front.

…He kept Andy company all day long, through rain and shine.

…So I knew

….I had to have a picture of a spider sat on my shoulder to be sure.

…And then a young lady returned from her lunch break. OMG game on!

Am I cured?

Now I am not a spider lover, however I can remain calm and composed, remove the spider from the house and get back to whatever I was doing. Prior to my hypnotic session I would have fled the room in terror – completely unable to return until the spider had been removed and I’d remain on edge for (at least) the rest of the day.

If your summers are spoiled due to your arachnophobia and you are considering using hypnotherapy to overcome your fears, I can assure you that you will not have to handle a spider or even go anywhere near a spider during a hypnotherapy session with me.

…But of course once you have eradicated the fear, like me you might just want to prove to yourself that they are no longer a problem.