Fears & Phobias

What are you scared of?

Many people have an irrational fear or phobia about something, and that may or may not be a problem. Personally I am fearful of rollercoaster rides, however it isn’t a problem to me because I can think of many much more enjoyable ways to spend my leisure time outside of a theme park or funfair. In the past however, I had the most ridiculous phobia of spiders and have resorted to asking neighbours to come in and remove these 8 legged fiends from my home. I dreaded rain in summer because I would almost always get a visit from a big spider and I even used to throw pegs at those little spiders that hung from my washing line. I knew that I had to sort this problem out – see how I overcame my spider phobia in just one short session.

Hypnosis and NLP can offer rapid relief from phobias and fears, often in as little as just one session. So if a fear of flying is keeping you grounded, or you can’t take the kids to the park on a nice sunny day for fear of wasps, or you fear anything else, give me a call and find out how I can help you.

Set yourself free of fears and phobias…take back control of your life today.