Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Your freedom begins here


Tailored strategies to accelerate your freedom from undue anxiety, using hypnosis and a combination of psychological therapies, tools and techniques.



Understand how physiology, breathing and internal representations maintain anxiety.  Discover how to manipulate the mental images, physical feelings, and the self-talk to transform the way you think and feel.

Seeing Through The Illusion


Let me help you see through the tricks that the mind plays on you.  Anxiety is always about something that might happen.  When you uncover anxiety for the illusion it is, you’ll be free to live in the present.

Building Resilience


Life throws challenges at us.  Reconnect with and build upon your strengths and resources, so that you can be confident of your ability to cope in any situation.

Changing the Story


Is there a story that you tell yourself, which results in you not feeling good enough in some way?  What are the stories that you’re telling yourself?  Let me help you re-write the tale.


Letting Go of the Past


Where anxiety is induced by trauma, I’ll help you let go of the emotions from that event, enabling you to heal from it.





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