Addictions and Habits

Your freedom begins here


Bespoke, one-to-one, confidential, therapy and coaching programs, utilizing hypnosis and a range of psychological therapies, tools and techniques to facilitate your freedom from addictive behaviours.

Mindset & Beliefs


Your beliefs shape your identity and influence the way you behave. We identify and change the beliefs that are keeping you trapped, remove psychological blocks, and get you motivated and focused on how you want to be.

Creating Alternative Behaviours


Every habitual behaviour is initiated by a trigger and results in a reward.   We identify the trigger (people, places, times and/or activities) and install alternative behaviours that are at least as satisfying and rewarding.

Managing Cravings & Compulsions


Cravings and compulsions may have seemed unbearable in the past.  I will teach you quick and effective ways to manage cravings and compulsions should they arise.



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