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Are Your Habits, Thoughts or Feelings Out of Control?


Have you got a bad habit that you just can’t seem to break? Does it feel as though that habit is beginning to control you? Do you question why you keep on doing the same thing over and over again when you don’t want to?
I can help you replace that bad habit with a more useful habit, and eradicate cravings and compulsions.


Do your thoughts spiral out of control? Perhaps you find yourself stressing about future events. Or maybe worrying about what you did or didn’t say or do. Are your thoughts unsettling, upsetting or intrusive? Do they keep you awake at night, spinning around in your head?
I can help you take back control of your mind.


Are you holding onto unpleasant emotions? Events in our lives can leave us feeling anxious, depressed, angry, upset, ashamed, guilty or fearful. Holding onto these feelings not only stresses the body, which can impact our health, but also influence our beliefs which can prevent us moving forward in life. I can help you let go of those feelings so that you can move forward with confidence.


Corporate Mental Health Awareness

1hr Stress Management Workshops

COST: A small charity donation

Life can be stressful and without a doubt some people get more than their fair share of stress.  When your employees are not handling stress effectively, they’re less productive and take more time off work.

Did you know that I offer 1hr Stress Management Workshops to organisations in exchange for a small charity donation? In these workshops I teach a few skills that will enable your staff to handle stressful circumstances more effectively, so that they feel more centred, balanced and happy both at home and work.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help your organisations well-being initiative, please get in touch.