Set yourself free... Change your life
Eliminate unwanted habits and behaviours
Reduce anxiety
Gain confidence
Let go of fears and phobias
Beat depression
Boost motivation and focus

Bad Habits

Are you finding it hard to break a habit which no longer serves you?  Are you feeling out of control?  I can help you replace that bad habit with a more useful habit and eradicate any cravings or compulsions.

Stop Smoking

If cravings weren’t a problem how easy would it be to stop smoking?  Forget willpower, medication and nicotine replacement products, I can help you stop smoking the pain free way.


Do you find it hard to stay calm?  Do you wake up feeling anxious for no reason?  Do certain situations fill you dread and fear?  I can help you rewire your brain so that you can relax and enjoy life.

Weight Loss

Do you feel that you have little or no control around food?  Are you fed up with years of yo-yo dieting?  I can help you escape the diet trap so that you can easily make healthier choices without feelings of deprivation.

Fears & Phobias

Are you terrified that you might be exposed to the object of your fear or phobia in therapy?  Fear not,  I can help you change that old panicky response to a calmer one using just the power of your own mind.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Take a moment to think about who you’d be if you knew that you were more than good enough?  What would be possible for you, if you were filled with confidence and knew beyond doubt that you’re amazing?